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Current projects:

to oh seven. This microshort weighs in at a mere three-and-a-half minutes. Created to highlight the neighborhood of Inwood (the northermost tip of Manhattan), this tiny film takes a big journey.


In the Blind. After premiering in the 2013 Woodstock Film Festival, this adaptation of Adam LeFevre's poignant ten-minute play, The Heightened Senses of the Blind, went on to screen in over two dozen festivals and win multiple awards for acting and writing as well as several Best Sort film nods. It continues to screen at festivals through the summer of 2015.

Two estranged brothers meet in a duck-hunting blind the morning after their father's funeral, where each makes astonishing discoveries about the other. It's not about ducks.

Nick Sandow (Orange is the New Black, Third Watch) and Neal Huff (Moonrise Kingdom, Meek's Cutoff) star. Filmed in the Hudson Valley and nearby Dutchess County, In the Blind utilizes local upstate NY resources and crew.


Past Projects:

Our first project is a 26-minute narrative short film about a man haunted by his childhood. Mother's House is by turns lyrical and eerie, funny and terrifying.

Kathryn Erbe and Tim Guinee star, along with Denny Dillon and Eddie Schweighardt. Filmed in the picturesque Hudson Valley region of New York State, this genre bending film blurs the borders of memory and reality.