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One of our favorite eco-friendly tools is the re-usable water bottle.
To find out how fans of "Mother's House" got their very own, click on the picture!

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Green film production:

Peak Road Productions is committed to an environmentally-friendly, low-impact, “green” production ethos. Typically, film production is wasteful; squandering paper, building supplies, water, food, gasoline, and other materials.

The most expensive commodity on any set is time, and the conventional thinking on many studio-produced projects is that practicing thoughtful conservation will somehow slow things down. Independent film producers around the world are challenging this misconception. “Green” projects are on the rise, and producers of low- and microbudget movies are actually further reducing their already low costs while leaving a light footprint on the planet. Large studios are taking note, and some are even beginning to adopt environmentally responsible practices.

Specific techniques for environmentally beneficial production include but are not limited to:

• careful location selection and trip planning to reduce fuel usage

• locavore dining for cast and crew, utilizing local caterers and food sources

• setting up recycling receptacles on set and in the production offices

• purchasing supplies and materials thoughtfully. Using recycled products, wood from sustainable sources, and avoiding polystyrene are all good examples of careful sourcing

• providing reusable water bottles to cast and crew

• offering optional digital delivery of scripts, schedules, contact sheets, etc.

• using rechargeable batteries for sound transmitters, walkie-talkies and cameras

• educating and motivating office staff, cast and crew to participate and innovate

Using resources with care and respect extends to the cast, crew, and staff as well. Every individual involved in film production, from the star to the person assigned cleanup duty, has to power to enhance and elevate the project. Microbudget films depend on interns, volunteers, and the kindness of strangers. Seasoned professionals forego paychecks in order to mentor people entering the business, as well as add something unique to their own body of work. Local businesses provide materials, property owners donate locations, and support comes via many avenues.

As Peak Road Productions reaches out to the Hudson Valley community, it is with the philosophy is that everyone working on the project is a valuable partner, to be respected and appreciated.

goinggreenWe screened at the Going Green Film Festival online in April 2013. We couldn't be more excited about environmentally-friendly filmmaking and the fine work this online Festival is doing to promote it. Also, their trailer is fantastic!