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Funding for our Mother's House Film Festival push provided by:

Betsy Stowe

Arline and Joel Epstein
Margaret T. Hall
Meg Furihata
Sean Michael McGhee
Eric Hall
And Palladino
Dominique Maria Maldonado
Jessie Walker
Harvey Kivel
Keia Bounds
Heather Franks
Lorena Cavanaugh
Andrew Hutcheson
Debra Katz Weber
Brian Marino
Carol Townsend
Sean Green
Sarah Harden
Celia Davis
Antje Buchholz
Stephanie Erlich
Madge Woods
Alicia Willis
Colleen Lynch
Nina Shengold
Victoria Schell-Wolf
Jane Williams
Maria Reidelbach
Susan Civitelli
Mary-Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Polly M. Law
Chris Didiot
Stephen Lebherz
Shelley Wyant and Bill Brinnier
Marie Marsh

and 14 mysterious others!




In production now: to oh seven, an ultrashort film that takes a bittersweet journey to the Inwood neighborhood of NYC.

In the Blind is still going strong on the film festival circuit! Hit "like" on the Facebook page for updates, photos, and the latest news.



We did it! Our Kickstarter campaign was hugely successful.
Thank you to the fifty generous supporters who are now part of the Mother's House team!

The money raised went to post-production, promotion, and festival entry fees. And it paid off, because we played in many film festivals in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Here's the pitch that launched the campaign:


These goodies were available only on Kickstarter:
waterbottle PRPtshirt

Our favorite Kickstarter goodie is a one-of-a-kind signed digital print of this comic book cover art by Marvel Comics inker, artist Dan Green: